Russian Peasantry between 1861 and 1914

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  My essay to my AP European history class

Although the Russsian government emancipated Russian peasants not everything seemed to be all right. Petitions and complainments came from all classes of society.

Mostly the petitions were from politians and peasants themselves. Sometimes the petitions came from intelectuals.
The first document shows us that dissatisfaction increased during the reign of tsar Nicholas II. (1894 - 1917).
The politicians and richer people agreed that peasants were uneducated and they didn't know how to handle with the new land that had been given to them. Somewhere even were revolts and rebellions led by peasants.
The reasons why the peasants became dissasfied were many. One of them was issue of that land that had been given to them. The landlords could decide what part of their land they'll give them so the peasants usually got bad soil where the crops didn't have as good quality as they could have had. Another reason of their dissatisfaction were fatal diseases and later famine and they had no protection against them. The peasants also desired for education for themselves and for their children and some of them tried to study at home. In 1906 the peasants made a petition and sent it to Duma. Their main requirements were peace, land and education.

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